Voyeurist cabin experience [F][MF]

I recently told my husband this story about a trip with friends to a cabin and we decided I should share it here.My sophomore year in college, some friends and I had decided to blow off a little steam and head up to the family cabin of a member of the group. After a couple hour drive we arrived at the cabin, took in some scenery, and as night fell I started a fire (a favorite thing of mine to do). Drinks were flowing as we chatted around the campfire. As the alcohol wiped our inhibitions away, the talk turned to sex. Good sex, bad sex, who was hooking up with who, you know the usual. All this talk of sex had made me wish I’d brought my FWB with me because my juices were flowing.It was getting late, so after a few people turned in for the night, and we all decided to follow suit. There were only a few bedrooms and those were already taken. A few of us were going to crash on the couches and on the floor in the main room. Still wet and horny from all the sexy talk, I struggled to fall asleep but finally did.Some time later I was awoken by some noises coming from near me. I quickly recognized that it was the sound of a couple making out near me. Turning to my side I could make out the siloettes of a couple pawing over one another while trying to stay quiet. Soon I realized it was Steve (a fairly average looking guy) and Brittany (a cute little blue eyed blonde I’d had a little crush on).As I watched their silhouettes writhe back and forth, my attention soon moved to my situation. Running my hand down my tight stomach to my pussy, I found that I had already soaked through my cute little bikini panties.Turning to watch Steve and Brittany, I saw that he had slid down and was making himself right at home on her shaved slit (she’d shared that bit of information earlier). I could hear the wet sounds of him licking her up and down. With every pass over the her clit she’d let out a muted moaned.Jealous of the attention her needs were getting, I stealthily slid my panties down just enough to make it easier to run my fingers across my little trimmed patch to my awaiting pink pearl. With a shutter I found my soaked pussy more than ready for attention. Dipping two fingers in, I drew the slippery wetness up my slit. With a shutter I had to stifle my own moan by biting my lip.Steve had picked up his pace. I could see Brittany bucking up and down with the rhythm. Her breathing was getting heavier and I assumed she must be getting close. Her moans and squeeks harder to hold back. I tried to match her pace. Taking my clit between my two fingers, I give it just the right pressure. I worked myself up and down to her moans. Soon my free hand slid up my shirt and was working over my nipples. Rubbing and pulling them to add to the sensation.Watching their shadows and listening to Brittany I could tell she was right there. Then her legs clamped onto Steve and she quivered though her orgasm as quietly as she could. I was a little irritated I wasn’t there yet and increased my pace.Luckily they changed positions and in the moonlight I could see Brittany on her stomach with a pillow under her hips with her cute ass pearched up in the air. He got on his knees behind her and lined up his cock to slide in. I briefly caught a glimpse of what he was packing and from what I remember, GWS would be proud. He teased her for a few seconds and slid right in with a little groan.Soon he was thrusting into her slowly. She was now using another pillow to muffle her moans. He leaned forward to aim for her g-spot. I took this opportunity to to slide my fingers in to do the same while I continued to work my clit with my other hand.As his pace picked up, so did mine. I was imagining her moans were mine (or were they mine?). I was getting lost in the moment. His grunts were getting more urgent as he picked up his pace. My clit was throbbing at this point and I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. Squeezing my little pearl between my fingers I lost it, waves of pleasure rolled over me. As I continued to apply pressure and enjoy the pulses, I looked over just in time to see Steve pull out and paint Brittany’s back with ropes of cum (he must have been a little pent up too). As he milked the last drop onto her ass, he collapsed beside her.As my moment passed, I saw their shadows head towards the bathroom to clean up. I pulled my soaked panties back up, rolled over and drifted back to sleep. In the morning, no words were said between us and the situation and things went on as normal.

Lauren Brock

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