Tales from the Candy Shop, part 3 [MF]

The second woman I messed around with at the Candy Shop started working there after Ann quit for a while. She was a waitress named Patrice. She was 5’10”, medium-light complexion, slim, but with a nice butt. Her lips weren’t full, but they were still kinda pouty. She looked a little bit like the singer Ciara.It must have been something about this particular place that attracted aggressive women, because much like Ann, Patrice pretty much approached me. She couldn’t talk long, as she was still in training, but she passed me a note that said, “I like your face,” with her phone number underneath.A few days later, I took her out to a sports-themed restaurant in town. Turns out she’d come to my city from Maryland. I remember her saying that she used to be a dancer or a cheerleader (which explained her figure).Being the, ahem, “gentleman” I am, I walked her home to make sure she gets in safely. She was actually house-sitting for an aunt of hers who was out of town; her apartment was towards the north end of town. She brought me in, and we put on a movie.One thing leads to another, and she’s straddling me on the couch, kissing me and pulling off her clothes. I get her off me, and as I fiddle with my belt, she gets down on her knees like a good girl. When I whipped it out, she whispered, “Wow,” which I didn’t even hear because the next thing I knew she was deep throating me, which, thick and long as I am, is no easy feat. Patrice was a pro.I’d only been with one other woman as tall as her, so I was anxious to get her legs on my shoulders and really get in her pussy. She did not disappoint. She was tight, she was wet, and she was eager in bed, meeting my motions with her own. It was like she was trying to take me even deeper inside her. Making her cum only inspired me to fuck her more, and harder. By the time I came, I was exhausted and glad to sleep.The next morning, I woke up with a stiffy and a perfectly positioned ass next to me. Patrice was still asleep. I could fix that.She awoke to me slowly pushing my dick inside her. She looked back at me and smiled. I said “good morning” and buried my dick in her. We only fucked from the side for a minute before I got on top. This time was gentler, more sensual. She held me close as I worked her pussy, and she came right before I did.Patrice and I kept seeing each other for a few months. I’d stay over at her place, sometimes overnight, and we’d fuck like animals. Eventually, she moved back to Maryland. Last I heard she had a boyfriend and two kids, but I’ll always have the memories.

Voyeurist cabin experience [F][MF]

I am thankful ?