Swinging with friends [MF][MFF][Group]

My old army buddy Karl was allowed to cuckold me because of a bet I had lost to him. After that cuckold sessions happened a few times. Karl and his girlfriend Christine, as well as my wife Clarissa and I are active swingers. We just avoided swinging with our friends until the cuckold thing happened because of awkwardness, jealousy etc. not getting into the way of our friendship. However after upping the ante on the bet before, Karl took collecting on his winnings a little too far. He organized a gangbang for my wife and I was allowed to/ forced to watch it. Weirdly both of these statements are true. After that we decided to take a break from the whole cuckolding thing. Instead we organized a good old fashioned partner swap. I always had had the hots for Christine and now, after being teased and cucked, it finally happened, I got what I wanted, an evening with Christine.After a double date, we made our way back to our home. We all were a little tipsy and I for one was charged with anticipation. As we arrived, we made our way into the living room. The girls took a seat on the couch. Clarissa pulled out Karl’s cock, sitting on the couch and I went to Christine able to finally get a piece of her. I pushed her back onto the couch and caressed her slit under the hem of her dress and through her panties. Until she also finally went for my cock. Karl and I both were standing in front of the girls receiving a blowjob.I pulled up Christine’s legs and pushed her further back that way. Wanting to get a taste of her, I pulled of her panties and started to eat her out. Karl meanwhile had traded places with Clarissa and sat back on the couch, while my wife kept servicing him. When Christine was wet and moaning under my tongue, she positioned herself on all fours on the couch and offered up her pussy to be fucked from behind. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and plunged into her.Christine scooted over a little to kiss Karl, while I fucked her and Clarissa was still blowing him. Christine moved down her head to suck off Karl, while my wife proceeded to suck his balls. Karl enjoyed two mouths on his genitals and I savored finally being able to fuck Christine. Karl however was ready for more. He pulled my wife onto the couch, undressed her and started to ram into her doggystyle. Christine got up, pushed me back onto the couch, undressed as well and started to fuck with me in reverse cow girl position. I reached for Christine’s breasts and slit and caressed them, while Karl rammed hard, downright brutal, into Clarissa. My wife’s moans grew louder and she climaxed under Karl’s harsh treatment. Shortly after Christine shuddered on top of me also in orgasm.After a moment of respite Karl laid my wife down on the couch and climbed on top of her, fucking her in his usual relentless way. I was still on my back on the couch as well, when Christine climbed on top of me and we pleasured us in a 69 position. I worked Christine over to the best of my ability. Her groans and moans showed me that I did good work, which culminated in Christine shuddering and climaxing on top of me.As I sat up on the couch and Christine mounted and continued to ride me, I could see Karl and Clarissa had returned to fucking doggystyle. Christine kept riding me until my wife orgasmed beside me. I was feeling the pleasure of the situation too, being balls deep in Christine and hearing my wife moan beside me. I couldn’t help but moan and shudder myself under these sensations. Christine noticed that and got down in front of me. She started sucking my balls, while Clarissa scooted over to me, kissed me and started to suck my shaft. I got the same treatment as Karl before. With one mouth on my balls and one on my shaft I came in my wife’s mouth and she drank it all up.Karl however was not done yet. He kept fucking Clarissa from behind, but had swapped to her backdoor. Christine went to join them and while Karl was ramming into my wife’s ass, Christine sucked his balls and reached out to Clarissa’s pussy, fingerfucking her just as furiously as Karl was fucking her ass. This scene continued until Clarissa was downright screaming in pleasure and climaxed.Karl took a seat on the couch and Christine knelt down in front of him, sucking him off, while my wife knelt behind Christine and started eating her out. Karl reached out, leaning forward in his seating position, and fingered his girlfriend’s ass. Christine groaned, moaned, shuddered and came with Karl’s cock in his mouth. I don’t know what exactly it was, but at that moment Karl started grunting in pleasure. He was nearing his climax and stood up jerking his cock. Clarissa and and Christine knelt in front of Karl and he shot his load, giving them a double facial.

Emily Ratajkowski (2015)

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