Seduced by mom host mom while studying abroad: part 3 [MF]

Part 1 at least is an obligatory read:, for the purpose of telling this story, I changed our names: Mike (me), and Mary (her).Mary loved anal sex. There was zero doubt about that. Being as into porn as any teenaged boy, I knew what sex toys were out there way before I had access to them… in Europe, they’re a lot easier to get. I had an idea and went for it.It was a Thursday afternoon. I walked into the sex shop farthest from our apartment in search of a butt plug. That was fucking nerve wracking as a young adult. I was paranoid someone would see me (the city wasn’t that big). I found one – it was clear, and not too big, not too small. It was still pretty damn thick, and a lot thicker than any other I’ve used with women since. I gave the attendant his euros, stuffed it into my bag, and hopped onto the bus back home.I was nervous for two reasons. First, I had never bought a sex toy – anyone who has knows how awkward it is. Would this guy hear my accent? Could he identify it? Would he know I was an American buying a sex toy in his shop? Would he tell someone? Yeah, paranoia. Second, how was I gonna break it to her? That shit was stressful. Mary and I were fucking… a lot… and it certainly wasn’t restrained. But, how would I break it to her that I got a toy? As a guy in his thirties, I would have no problem showing a girlfriend I got a sex toy…but at that age? Shit, it was all angst.We didn’t have sex that evening (I had a history test the next day – I spent the night studying), and I forgot about it for the time being.I took my medieval history test at the end of the day, and hopped on the bus to go home. I got home exhausted and relieved at about 5pm (school gets out later in that country than it does in the states). Mary was already home frome work and cooking a snack. I threw my backpack down in the hallway, and went into the kitchen to hang out while she cooked.I was horny, though.“Mike, how was your test??”“It went great. I’m not worried about it. I’m a history nerd… I know all of it.”I moved up behind her and put my arm around her waist and kissed/bit her left ear.“Mike! I’m cooking! Wait a second!”Nah, no dice. I turned off the stove, turned her around, and pulled her tits up and out of her bra so I could kiss her and pinch her nipples at the same time. We slowly migrated into the living room, and I fell onto the couch simultaneously while she plopped down on my lap. She was straddling me and kissing my lips and neck while telling me how terrible I was (yeah, I’m bad, take me to jail). I pinched her nipples and smacked her ass periodically, all while she was grinding against me harder and harder and grabbing my hardon through my pants. We were completely hot and bothered at this point,“Mary… I have a surprise.”“A surprise? What do you mean? A surprise?” She sounded exasperated and confused. She wanted to get down to business.“Calm down, calm down. Give me a second, I’ll go get it.”She knew I had something bad in mind, but had no idea what it was. I picked up and grabbed the butt plug from the spot in my room where I’d stashed it.When I came back, I just went for it – I didn’t waste time with expanations. I just planted the clear butt plug right in front of her on the glass coffee table in the living room. Her eyes went big.“What the hell is that?”“Haha don’t bullshit me, you know what that is!” We’d watched a porno in which a woman used one like a week before (yes, in this European country they showed hardcore porn on late night TV).She started laughing histerically, and picked it up, examining it with a naughty look in her eye.“It looks like a little tree! we could make a dioramma with these!”I still remember thinking, “Jesus fucking Christ. Of course.”She told me it was cool, but that we had to go to the market. Hehehe… no. She wasn’t getting off that easy. I told her we had to do one thing beforehand, and slid her jeans off despite her protests. I told her to lay on her stomach on the couch. She knew what my dirty mind was planning, and kept saying it was crazy and that we had things to do. I spit on the butt plug, and she jumped when it touched her asshole, but she started moaning and squirming toward it until her ass swallowed it completely.Once it was in, I got up and said we should go to the market.Moaning, she said, “Mike… you you can’t leave me like this…”I pulled my jeans off, stood her up, and fucked her hard from behind for about a minute or two until she came. Her pussy was so, so, so much tighter with the plug in. When I stopped, she turned around and stared daggers at me as if I were I were a criminal for stopping.“Alright, let’s go!”She gave me a dirty look, put her jeans back on with the plug in her ass, and grabbed her purse. We were going to the market.The only way I can describe the ride to the market is that it was… tense. She wanted it. Bad. On the way down to the garage and in her little Ford Focus on the way, she kept giving me these half-lustful, half-angry fuck me eyes. We loved going to the market together. I just grinned back at her while she drove. She couldnt stop fondling my hard on through my pants on the way.The market was fun as always. We shopped, but she walked faster than normal, and kept looking back at me with these intense, serious, and fiery eyes. She was extremely turned on shopping with the plug in her ass, and I knew she’d attack me eventually.On the way home, she took a turn that didn’t quite lead back to our place… we were going toward the river. When I asked, she told me that we were going to a hook up/gay spot. I was getting hard already and rocking the biggest grin.Whe we parked, she said, “get in the back seat.” This was not an option. Hehehe awesome. I got back there, and she charged in behind me and we started frantically taking our pants off. She positioned herself on top of me, and slid straight down on me once she lined up my dick with her pussy.This was intense. She rode me fucking hard in the back of her car… she had a big ass and tight, thick muscular thighs, and she was gyrating back and forth on my dick and grabbing me and kissing me at the same time. I could tell she was trying to keep from screaming, and I was trying to keep her quiet by keeping her mouth locked on mine. This was raw, hard, animalistic fucking. A few times I reached forward to tug on the plug in her ass, and it just made her fuck, kiss, and bite me harder. I was having a hard time not cumming in her pussy (that was one thing we didn’t do – at least not at that point). It was so much tighter with the toy in her ass, and even though I could usually control the tempo of how she rode me by grabbing her ass, there was no controlling this. I was fighting the urge to bust.Her orgasm came in waves… I could feel them course through her body. Over over again. I was almost about to cum when a knock came at the window… “fuck!” she said. As it turns out, it was a gay dude trolling for sex in the area, and he happened to knock on our window hoping that we were two guys. That killed the mood. We got our pants on and went home with the groceries.Once we were in the apartment, we set the groceries down by the door, and she made her way to the bathroom. She told me to wait for her in the bedroom. I stripped down and waited for her. I knew what was coming.Mary came in breathing fire, kissing me, feeling my back and chest, biting and licking my chest, neck and ears, and she never lost her grip on my dick. I pushed her down on the bed face first and saw that she’d taken the plug out… I knew what thst meant. “Fuck me!” she said. I got on top of her, spit on my dick, and plunged into her already loosened ass. She literally yelped in pleasure when I suddenly thrust it in.I started pounding her ass. Her ass was looser going in from wearing the plug, but no less tight when I fucked it. It was surreal. We both implicitly knew that the only thing she wanted was for me to fill her ass up… I bent down to kiss her while I was fucking her ass, but she was already so lost in orgasm and pleaure that she couldnt kiss- she was just breathing and moaning heavily. About five minutes later, I grabbed her by her pony tail and hips, plunged deep into her ass, and shot load after load inside her. I collapsed on top of her as I always did after I finished in her ass, and we almost fell asleep like that, lingering in the twilight until we finally got up at around 8-9pm.

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