Riding my Uber Driver [MF]

I’ve been thinking about this encounter ever since it happened last Thursday, and had to share…I had been out for dinner on a Thursday night with three of my friends, including a guy (Andrew) I had been flirting with for several months, but never did anything with, because he was dating another friend for a while, and the timing just never worked. We had a few drinks over dinner, so I was properly buzzed but not really drunk. I definitely needed to head home though, since it was almost 10pm and I had work the next morning.​If helpful – I’m a 26 year old, 5’4″ brunette with green eyes. Guys find me attractive, but definitely in a girl-next-door way. I usually wear my hair long, and keep in pretty trim shape through classes at my gym. Andrew is a gorgeous dark-haired lawyer, probably 6′ and very fit, but honestly it doesn’t matter because I left him at the dinner.That night I was wearing jeans (which wasn’t very convenient), a green work blouse, and flats.​Anyway, I called an Uber Pool, and it arrived when we were all waiting outside the restaurant. There were already two people in the back seat, so I grabbed shotgun. It was like a Toyota Camry I think, so smallish sedan, clean but nothing fancy.The Uber driver was named Amal, he was a strong looking black guy, maybe like a Michael B Jordan – just charismatic. When he greeted me (maybe it was the drinks), I definitely noticed he was cute, and tall – big for the car we were in.He was already talking to the couple in the back, and they asked me how the dinner was.”It was great”, I said, “you guys should check it out, probably a great date place.”Amal laughed and said, “I haven’t been on a date in months!”I was definitely tipsy, as I just blurted out, “Bullshit, you’re fucking hot.”We all laughed, and then he pulled up to a house, and the couple in the back shuffled out. He waved to them through the window and said they were a nice couple. It definitely felt different now that it was just he and I in the car. I noticed there wasn’t any music on, and said how quiet the car was.You could have cut the chemistry with a knife. He reached for the stereo at the same time I did, and our hands touched. He laugh-snorted, and it was seriously hot. Even just in that moment, I could tell how big his hand felt. With the music on, he started driving me to my place.”You’re going to Morrison and Park Ave, Riley?””Yeah,” I responded, but I was just thinking how badly I didn’t want him to pick up any more passengers.​As we drove along the street, I could feel my heart pounding. I finally saw a side alley approaching, and I decided I was going to do it.”Pull over up here Amal.””Huh?” He said ‘huh’ with an understanding though. It was somehow exactly the reaction I was hoping for.”You heard me.” I was feeling bolder, and suddenly became very aware of my pussy, getting wet my frustratingly buried under my jeans, underwear, and the bag in my lap.​I’ve known myself and my sexual drive for years, and I knew in this mood I was going to go for it. No reason to even try and control myself.Amal pulled to the side near the alley, and I told him to drive in.It turned out to be a workable spot. There were a few windows looking in, and a light, but overall it didn’t seem like anyone was going to come by.Amal ended the ride on Uber, and went off-duty or something in the app. He turned and looked at me, and I was already looking at him. I reached over with my right arm, and started stroking his cock through his jeans.Wow – it was definitely big. He told me later it’s just shy of 9″, but feeling it pulse through his pants, it somehow felt bigger.​Both our breaths got shorter, and I reached over with both arms, started undoing his belt, pulling down his zipper, and reaching under his boxers to pull out his dick.It leapt to attention, and I almost immediately moved in the seat so I could lean over and start sucking it. It was so warm, and I could hear him moaning above me, as I struggled to take as much of his cock in my mouth as I could.The car felt very small, and Amal clearly couldn’t get his legs as wide as he wanted, but he pushed the seat back and all I could think about was feeling him inside me.I reached down and started taking off my own (tight!) jeans, unzipping them then trying to push them down – it was super awkward in the car, and I kept hitting against things, but eventually I got them down around my ankles, and off, revealing small but modest pink panties underneath.​Amal grabbed me, pulling me over on to his lap, and my ass hit the car horn! We both froze, looking around, not even breathing for what felt like a full minute. When no one came out or yelled, I looked down, and saw Amal’s thick black cock resting against my right thigh. Hard and throbbing, but not quite diamond-hard like before.I rubbed his cock against my pussy through my panties, and the combination of his precum and my wet pussy got the panties soaked. I looked in his eyes and he was still charming, but his face had taken on a hungry almost ravenous desire, which made me melt.​I slide my panties to the side, and just as I was about to – recklessly – position my pussy above the tip of his cock, he said wait, and reached for the glove compartment. Obviously I’m glad now he grabbed the condom, but I could care less then.I took it from him and slide it over his cock, then, unable to wait any longer, sat down, feeling his throbbing cock slide into me, first 1 inch, then 2, then all 9″ inches as I ground down hard on him.I haven’t mentioned this, but I’ve always cum very easily. Often 2-3 orgasms before the guys does. This was a bit different though – as I grinded down on him, I looked in his eyes, and saw a look I’ve seen before… Amal was getting close.He moaned my name, grabbing my hips and pulling me down on him, as he thrust somehow even deeper inside of me.”Amal, you’re so good.” I gasped. “I want you to cum for me.”He looked up, wide eyed, and nodded, “yeah, you want it babe?””Give it to me,” I said, as I felt a wave of orgasms rolling up through my body.He suddenly thrust up with his hips hard, grunting, and it was all I need to cum as well.​I’m told I’m loud.I probably am. But I’m barely aware in the moment. I’m barely aware of my own name.When I awkwardly pushed off him, he had seemingly melted into his car seat. I laughed at how soft he was, and eventually he pulled the condom off (filled with a HUGE amount of cum), and we both got our pants back on.​”Girl, that was amazing. My best ride ever.””It was pretty good for me too.”When he dropped me off, I gave him my number. And five stars.

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