[MM] First time for everything!

Both my first post here and also just had my first gay experience after 8 years of typical marriage. I appears have been curious and she being on my own again, I realized after buying some plugs and enjoying them tonight how happy I was in denial with at least wanting to try something with guys. So, I decided to give Grindr a try.It took all of 15 minutes to get hit up by a guy, another 15 to talk and suggest a meet up at his office or something. I was really nervous but also excited because I mentioned I was into mild crossdressing, and it’s cool out so I got to wear my panties and stockings for a man finally.I’ll just gush and keep it sweet. He eventually whipped his dick out, and it was hefty.. twice my girth and at least an inch or two on me. Bluhggggf. And I’d pulled my panties off too.. he legit pushed my legs up and started eating my ass. Omg. I melted, I felt like a schoolgirl with my thighs held up high and squeezed together, and loved it.I’ve barely began playing with toys so anal was out of the question, but I offered for him to lube my ass up and just grind on me… cock feels really soft and warm on your ass. I really wish he could have fucked me!! But in the end I let him make a mess of my face.Hopefully I can do this again, but maybe less hookuppy.


Yureta as Holo