[MF][Stripclub][Virgin] An ode to the first lapdance adventure!

Here is where it all started. It was roughly about 10 years ago at the start of summer; I was an innocent virgin, broke college student, naive, never having experienced sexual pleasure that were not facilitated by my own two hands. It was my last week in college, never got laid, kissed, or touched, and wanted to see real tits for the first time ever in my life.I was a nervous wreck, had finished most of my finals, and the school was having a student appreciation event with a ton of free stuff for the taking. I never missed a day in class or any of the events with free swag, but something, something of an urge to experience a sexual awakening before I graduated college started. It was not mandatory to show up to the event and thought about it deeply, where would I go to experience such an impish tryst? Naturally I looked online to see what strip clubs were close by. There was one in an industrial sort of area, far from prying eyes. Google street-view showed it looking far seedier than the satellite map indicated, and would later find out it was busted as a mob spot in the subsequent years.Now, I was never one to dance and my thoughts of dancing were all innocent; then at college party in my freshman year, I witnessed grinding for the first time. The raw sexual energy displayed and the strange surreality of it happening in a public venue caused my penis to go fully erect. I of course tried to hide it by using my sling on bag in the front, in a hopefully inconspicuous way. However, seeing the grinding was a major turn on and became an instant new fetish that I just had to get a piece of.I would then constantly watch porn clips of lap dancing and grinding, and that urge to experience it became further cemented. It was something I had to experience before college was over. I arrived at the location, it was open in the morning around 10:30 AM and empty. I stood by the entrance not knowing how to proceed inside. I could hear the loudness of the DJ playing dance music, and the faint smell of lavender and a rather pungent, but mild cheap perfume spray with a hint of a bubble gum aroma. Inside was dark and there was no one onstage. I went to the bartender, who was very attractive Latina wearing a push-up bra to accentuate her ample bust, and requested just a water. I sat close to the stage and a svelte black girl approached the stage. She was in a metallic blue bikini with a thong and started to do booty a clap against the pole. She spun around and around that pole but definitely seemed new at it. There was also a sublime stoicism to her demeanor, with never even a sliver of a smile, making her seem all the more less attractive. My heart was racing either-way as this was happening, and just like that as she turned around to face my direction, her bra swiftly sprung open from the front, with each side of the cup moving outwards from her small tits, then falling to the floor.My heart dropped in that moment, and my cock became harder than I could ever fathom. Right in front of me, real boobs. I was not familiar with strip club etiquette and left a dollar for her which she picked up. So I sat there and wondered if I would get a lapdance. Within a minute a heavier set, but not fat, caramel colored girl sat next to me and said, “So, you buying me a drink?”, and I obliged. She bore a close resemblance to Jennifer Lopez with peroxide bleached hair. She told me she was half black and half white, in her early 30’s, and her features were soft and skin looked very smooth and free of blemishes. She wore a long black dress, a slit running from from the hip all the way down, with no bra and just a thong. “How about getting a lapdance”, she uttered to me. She said her name was Moonshine. She was quite vivacious and flirty, always smiling. It was 20 dollars a dance per song, and she asked if I would like to go to the VIP room. I asked about the price and was told it was 145 dollars, and I promptly declined.She leads me to the lapdance area, and I’m the only one in the club, and proceeds to unbutton my dress shirt. She does a slow dance with her arms teasing my thighs as she faces me, cowgirl style. Her legs are spread over mine, her ass and pussy teetering ever so close to my cock. This was the first time ever being straddled, feeling the warmth of a woman ever so close to me. She put her forehead up against mine, our noses touched, and her glossy, glittery, pink lips came so close to mine, teasing me as if she were about to kiss them. She proceeds to remove her top and I could see boobs, real boobs but very saggy, just there, REAL. She moved her hands over mine, and positioned them over her her breasts. I felt them, very firm but natural, and she was very sweaty. She apologized for the sweating and I indicated it was ok, my cock didn’t care at that point either. She cupped one breast and moved it close to my lips. I knew what that meant, reluctantly I decided why not, and proceeded to lick around her nipples. Management came in to check if everything was up to their standards and we pretended everything was cool. Just like that song is up, and I hand another 20 dollars over.I only had a slight instance of grinding and wanted to feel the realness of the lapdance. She had a big ass and it slowly went onto my thigh over my pants, my cock between her crack. She started gyrating in a counter-clock motion with her ass and said “I can feel your very hard”. Two songs later, she started to do something different, sliding her ass back and front on my cock. She effectively was masturbating me with just her ass, and her moans of ecstasy were making it feel like I was having sex for the first time. She kept moaning “Oh yes baby! I want to feel you inside me! mhhhh!”. She was probably faking it, but it sounded like she was orgasaming immensely, Lady Gaga’s Poker Face playing loudly as she moans. At some points it felt like my cock was being engulfed by the hole of her pussy how good she was at going back and forth with just her ass. I didn’t think it was going to happen, but I was on the verge of climaxing, I gently tapped her ass and told her “Can you slow down a bit, you are getting a bit TOO good” and she started to keep the rhythm slower and that prevented a potential embarrassing situation. I ended up unfortunately spending 120 bucks on lapdances and instantly regretted it. However, when your cock is being manipulated for the first time by someone else, it’s hard to think straight.I left there after that feeling somewhat ashamed and blue-balled, but naughty, got home, and naturally had to play with my cock. I stroked it up and down, thinking about my experience, and it felt like the gyrations of her ass were still on my cock, and it was spinning around in my head like vertigo. After cumming, I was able to immediately go again, and this spank bank material served this virgin well until…the day of the peep show.

[mf] a nice surprise.