[MF] The Coitus Chronicles Volume 2: The cute innocent choir girl

As I said in my last post I was pretty deep into the music department at school. Any music major will tell you, it consumes your life. Work, practice, homework, performances, repeat. Didn’t leave much time for anything else.​Also any comments or feedback is GREATLY appreciated.​​One of the girls in my grade was Allison. She was hot. She was an opera singer. She was about 5 foot 3, half asian/white and in amazing shape. She had long brown hair and short, but thick legs. On top of all that, she had huge tits. Like the type of tits that you would tell your buddies “hey, just a heads up, allison’s got a lot of cleavage today, be on the lookout.” Everyone in the department fantasized about her. She was also pretty into her sorority too, so she didn’t really pay much attention to those of us in the department. Due to us being in a small school though, we had taken a bunch of classes/ensembles together so we had gotten to know each other pretty well. Aside from joking about our classes though, I didn’t know much about her at all, she remained a huge mystery to me.​We took probably 10 classes together and did choir and operas together and stuff, but nothing ever really took off.​Things started heating up when we were taking music composition. We were both 20 at this point. Allison was the only girl in the class, and there were 7 dudes. The class was pretty chill, we had the best professor on campus. He did make one awkward analogy once (i can’t remember specifically what it was about) where he said “That would be like if all of you were trying to get with Allison, at the end of the day, she’s only going to choose one of you” (foreshadow?) Allison just kinda looked down and laughed, it was definitely a weird thing to say. Despite her hotness, she always had this innocence about her. Perhaps it was because I had no clue what she did outside of the music department, I had no knowledge of her ever dating or fucking anybody on campus. At a small school you always hear about who is banging who.​Allison and I would meet up a few minutes before class every now and then to look at eachother’s compositions before we turn them in. I thought of it as nothing more than school work, after all, it was always nice to get another pair of ears to listen to your work. Midway through the semester she would message me about working on compositions together outside of class. Now we were getting 1 on 1 time which was pretty sweet. I got to know her alot better, she turned out to be pretty funny and not as innocent as I thought. She would make little comments like “Everyone thinks I am so innocent, but they are sooooo wrong” whenever I joked about her acting shy.​Anyway thats about all that happened til the end of the semester. We had a big Christmas concert and I had plans with my roommates that fell through. Something came over me. Perhaps alcohol. I said “fuck it” and tried to see if Allison wanted to hang out. She told me I could tag along with a few of her sororities sisters going to some line dancing bar.​I HATE dancing. However, my chances at getting with Allison just went from 1% to about 20% so you know I am in. I meet them at her friends house and we all drive to the bar. Allison buys me an AMF after we have already been drinking. Holy shit those things are strong!! I was pretty drunk at that point. In my head, the chances of me getting with Allison went to about 50%, something about her insisting on buying me a drink.​I drunkenly do some line dancing with her. I suck. Who knows I don’t remember thats not the good part. After the dancing we were standing near some table. She was giving me “the look”. The “you should make a move” look. So I went in for a kiss and she started kissing me back hard. None of this soft makeout shit. We were going at it. I have never just made out with someone in a public place like that but it was kind of a turn on.​Unfortunately her friends wandered over, and took her to the dance floor. She reached back and grabbed my hand and pulled me with them. At this point the line dancing was over and it turned into a regular ol club. Allison started grinding on me as soon as the music started. Her ass was digging into my crotch, and Im sure she could feel how fucking hard I was. At this point my chances of getting with Allison were at 100%. She reached back and grabbed my dick during a song and i had to leave the floor because I would have gone full Dothraki and fucked her right there.​The night was wrapping up, and we were going back to her friends house. Allison convinced me to stay there. Thats not gonna be a problem with me. We make small talk with the friends and they head to bed, Allison leads me to the basement where theres a mattress with a couple blankets.​”This is where youre gonna sleep.” And then she walks away. WHAT!? She was leaving just like that. I was bummed, but, well idk I said screw it and laid down. Allison got to the top of the staircase and shut the lights and closed the door. Now I can’t see anything. Next thing I know I feel her get into the bed and she is completely naked. “I need you to fuck me. I need it now.” She starts grinding her naked pussy against my boxers. I take my boxers off and she grabs my dick. Her hands are cold, which was an odd sensation but I dug it. She started stroking me. “You’re so big, I can’t wait to ride you” . (I love when girls say I am big, I am average, but when they say that it gets me going) . After a couple years of me wanting her, I slide my dick into her. I grab her tits and start sucking them as her breathing starts picking up.​After a couple minutes of her on top, I feel like I am getting close, so I flip her over and start kissing her from her neck, down to her tits, then down to her pussy. I am a huge fan of eating pussy, and Allison’s pussy was always one I yearned for. She tasted so good I was in heaven, hearing her moan was almost enough to make me cum without touching me.​She told me she needed my dick again, and I was happy to oblige. I flipped her over on her stomach and fucked her while she laid down. I started slapping her ass, which made her moan even louder. The alcohol had increased my stamina, but I was running out of steam, I knew I was gonna cum soon.​”Allison I am gonna cum soon”​”I have an IUD cum inside me. NOW”​Well, I am not one to disappoint. I came. Alot.​Afterwards she said “See, our professor was right, one of the guys in class would get with me”​….there is another chapter about Allison so I will just end it here​​​​

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