[mf] a nice surprise.

My wife has been trying to wake me up with sex for a wile now. For the most part I wake up the second she touches my cock. This morning she succeeded. We have been long term baby sitting and have been very tired because of it, we also have not had sex for 2 weeks in fear that the kids would hear us or even walk in on us. The kids went home yesterday morning and I started a new job as soon as I got home we ate dinner and went directly to sleep. I guess I was out because this morning I woke up hard as a rock with her lips wrapped around my cock. I was kind in a daze when I first woke up and just lay there watching enjoy the waves of pleasure of possibly the best blowjob I have ever had. It wasn’t very long after waking I was ready to cum in her mouth. She swallows ass she always does but this time I can see the added excitement on her face because she was able to finally wake me up and get me off. I’m still hard but tell her to roll over that it’s her turn. She responds with a sinister grin putting her hands on my shoulders and pushing me back into the bed. As she climbs on top of me she says in a stern but playful voice “I need that hard cock deep inside me and you worked hard enough yesterday” she reaches in between her legs grabbing my cock to guide it into her pussy and it slips in with ease she is so wet. She looks me in the eyes and starts rocking forward and back, lifting her butt up and down. Her breathing start to get heavier and faster she whispers “god you feel amazing” as she starts to pick up speed. I feel her pussy start to get tighter around my cock as she tilts her head back and starts to moan, then her legs start to quiver. I put my hands on her hips and pull her down further onto my cock, her breathing is now out of control as I start to feel the moisture from her tight wet pussy run down by leg. She tells me she’s cumming half in a moan half in a scream as her entire body starts to shake. Hearing this makes me instantly cum deep inside her. She collapses onto my chest whispers I love you, and that’s where she stayed until her breathing calmed and she fell back to sleep.

I love to show of(f) (m)y skills???

[MF][Stripclub][Virgin] An ode to the first lapdance adventure!