A girl’s obsession with cum: the locker room [MF]

As I said in another post, my obsession with cum drives me to do stupid things more often than not. This time was no different, and I almost got kicked out of school for it.I get so turned on when a guy cums deep inside me, that it usually triggers very intense orgasms, but guys will be guys, and they want to see their cum all over my body sometimes, and I like to please and be a tease like that, so if the guy really is into it, I will allow an exception and let him come where he wants to. Such a waste of cum, but whatever, guys really get into it, and it is really hot to see a guy lose his shit because he can come on your face, your tits, or whatever. Plus then I get to play with the cum.This was the case of my very good friend Devan. He was a great fuck buddy, so much fun to hang out with him, and when we got to fuck, it was always a blast. He was just funny, really handsome, athletic, had a nice dick, but most of all, his loads were legendary. Whenever he fucked me, I would be leaking cum for a couple of days, and it was just the best thing. Since he was so good to me, I always was so happy to let Devan take control, and be super submissive for him, so that any fantasy he wanted to play out, I was there for him. Of course, he loved his big loads as much as I did, and he would come doubly as hard if he could see his cum shooting on me. He was big into facials, and I would often end up like this after hanging out with him.One day, his friend Kurt approached me. Devan’s bday was coming up, and they (his soccer buddies) wanted to do something special for him for his birthday. It was no secret that Devan and I were fuck buddies, so they asked me if I would surprise him on his birthday in the locker room, and blow him after a game some practice that would happen on that day. I’ve been known to be a slut, but this was a whole new level of slut. So I was totally up for it. And I knew Devan was going to love it.So on the day of his birthday, we had it all planned out. Kurt, and two other buddies, were going to be keeping Devan practicing until a bit later than usual, so that their other teammates had taken off by the time they went into the lockers. In the meantime, I sneaked into the men’s locker room and changed into a sexy soccer Halloween costume I found on Amazon, that made my boobs and butt look awesome. The locker room was dead when Devan and his friends came in, and in one of the rows in the back, I was waiting for Devan, in my super sexy outfit. Devan had been trying to make plans with me for a while, but I had been blowing him off, so we had not seen each other in a while. So he was super shocked when he saw me there, and I just said “hi Devan…” with a deviant smile. His buddies yelled “happy birthday man!” and cracked up laughing, and at the same time staring at my body. I walked up to Devan, kissed him, and touched his junk over his soccer shorts. “Who is the birthday boy?” and he was already almost hard, just like that. His buddies said “fuck yeah man”. I honestly thought they were going to take off once they saw me, but they just stayed and started to cheer for Devan. I thought this was going to make the blow job even hotter, so I was fine with it.I went on my knees, and pulled Devan’s pants down. He was hard as a rock and his cock sprang out pointing at my mouth. There was a little bead of precum already forming, and I licked it off with much showmanship. The guys went wild. Devan was extremely embarrassed, but super turned on at the same time. I was really into my role, and kept eye contact with Devan as I put the head of his dick in my mouth. I tried to channel all the porn stars I had seen doing this, and started sucking him off as if I was the thirstiest slut on the face of the Earth… which I might be?The guys kept cheering for Devan, but more and more they let out a “… fuck dude… so fucking hot… “, as they themselves were getting turned on watching their friend get the blowjob of his life. I tried to use as much saliva as possible, because I find that when mixed in with a guy’s precum, it looks so messy that guys go nuts looking at it. Devan’s eyes were wild, and his friends had a hard time believing their eyes.Kurt got closer to have a better view of his friend getting sucked, and I could tell his dick was also hard as a rock. I couldn’t help myself and touched his package, which was tightly packed inside a jock. His cock was throbbing hard inside, and I left my hand resting on it. Kurt said “fuck” and pulled his pants and jock down. Not what I intended, but all of a sudden there was a second dick in my hands. I looked at it and it just looked so big and juicy, that I found myself switching to Kurt’s, and sucking his instead. Devan moved aside a little bit, and while I kept jerking his dick with my left hand, I held Kurt’s with my right hand as I sucked on it.His other two buddies said “fuuuuck” and first one, and then the other, dropped their pants and started jerking off. They all got closer to me, and now I was surrounded by four dicks in every direction. One was kind of small, Devan’s was average, Kurt’s was big girth-wise, and the fourth friend had a massive dick in every dimension. I started taking turns, sucking on each dick, and tried sucking on two dicks if they put them close to each other. The guys kept jerking off when I was not taking care of their cocks, and moaned when it was their turn.Still, I knew why I was there, and it was for Devan, so I spent most of my sucking energy on his. Eventually, he couldn’t take it anymore, and his breathing accelerated letting me know that the end was near. I looked into his eyes to let him know that he was the boss. He held my face in place, and started shooting his cum, on my eyes and all over my face. I closed my eyes and enjoyed rope after rope of hot cum that he was showering me with. I left my mouth open, and a bunch went in, and I started tasting it and swallowing what I could. My eyes were still closed when I heard Kurt say “fuck I’m coming” and he grabbed my head and turned me in his general direction. A new rope of cum hit my face near my mouth, and a bunch went directly on my tongue. It tasted delicious and I immediately swallowed a bunch. Kurt didn’t come as much as Devan, and as soon as he was done, the other two guys were ready. I was turned around another 90 degrees, and still with eyes closed, I opened my mouth wide. Both guys started coming. Small dick came on my face, and big dick put the head of his dick in my mouth, and came directly shooting into my throat. I sucked and swallowed, what seemed to be the biggest load of all. I made a mental note of this, so I would reach out to big-dick-dude later on.The guys were panting, and just saying “fuck dude” to each other, and I heard some high fives. I could not see shit. I wiped some cum off my face, and sucked on it, but I was afraid to open my eyes. One of the two buddies told Kurt “dude, take a pic” and he did. Later I saw said pic, and it was amazing. Dreams are made of this. I was covered in cum. All around my eyes, nose, and mouth. And a ton had dropped to my chin, and it was dripping on my chest too. Devan helped me get to a sink, and I washed myself. I kissed Devan again, and told him “Happy bday”, and took off. Only after I left, I noticed that my short shorts were soaked with my own juices, so I texted Devan and told him that whenever he was available, I was going to be waiting for him. What I really wanted was to fuck big-dick-dude, but I thought it would have been in poor taste to ask Devan for his friend’s number on his birthday.The day after, I was called by security, because there was a recording of me going into the men’s locker room (in a slutty outfit). They wanted to know what happened there. I swore nothing happened, and it was just a prank. They didn’t have more proof, so they let it go, but it was a close call.