[MFF] Fulfilling my wife’s biggest sexual fantasy. Chapter 2

Read Chapter one here: https://ift.tt/2ITg0jp 2 – The fulfillment of her desire.Saturday evening.We just got done with dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. I sat on the couch in the family room as Pam went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Usually on Saturday nights, I pop in a movie and Pam either watches with me or sits on the other side of the couch near the lamp and reads a book. This night I could not decide what I wanted to watch as Pam walked in a robe which is a common thing when she gets comfortable.I asked her what she wanted to watch and said she didn’t care since she wanted to finish a chapter in the current book that she was reading. I scrolled through the program listings and saw that “Wild Things” started about 30 minutes ago. Maybe in light of what may happen tomorrow, it might be something appropriate to watch. So, I clicked it on. Pam and I have seen the movie before and I‘m pretty sure we have a DVD of it somewhere. I don’t think Pam noticed since she was really into her book. Then the scene where Denise Richards and Neve Campbell fighting in the pool came on and she looked up at her book. She gave me a side ways glance, smiled, shook her head and tried to return to her book.When Denise and Neve started to make out and get naked, all focus on her book went away and she started watching. After the scene was over, she snuggled up to me. She bit her lip as if hesitating to ask me something. I noticed but did not pry.“Can we watch a…uh… you know… (long pause) …. dirty movie?” She asked.I found it endearing that she would not say “porn”. And I smiled. I put Pornhub on the TV and so as not to embarrass her I told her I would scroll through the categories and told her to pick out what she wanted to see. No surprise, she picked out Lesbian.I gave her the remote and she picked which one she wanted to see. She picked one with an older looking woman and a younger lover. She turned off the light, snuggled next to me and hit play on the remote.The scene started out slow with each woman talking, complementing each other, yada, yada, yada. If I was by myself I probably would’ve fast forwarded by now, but Pam seems to be genuinely curious on how it was going to progress. It was at the almost 10-minute mark when the girls started to make out and even then, it seemed to move slow. About 5 more minutes of making out before they started to undress. I watched Pam’s reaction half the time. It was like watching a student a historical film to prepare for a big test on World History the next day. Maybe she was watching the more “educational” aspect of it on how she was going to initiate it with Fabiana.Once the clothes came off, it progressed faster. She rewound twice on a scene where there was a close up shot of the woman eating the girl’s pussy and she studied it closely. I did not say a word the whole time.After the movie was over she asked if we can watch another one. I nodded. Pam stood up and took off her robe. Then she reached her hand and undressed me. She had me sit on the couch and she laid with her head on my chest and we watched the next movie.The second movie was much like the first with an older woman and younger girl. Though I found this couple much more attractive than the one in the first movie. They seemed to have better chemistry and really looked like they enjoyed having sex with each other rather than acting. Pam started to get excited. I asked her if she was getting ideas on what she wanted to do and she nodded enthusiastically. She spread her legs and took my hand on put it on her pussy. I touched her labia and noticed she was already getting wet. When I put my finger in her, she gasped and kissed my arm. I finger fucked her as she watched the movie. With my other hand I started to play with her tits and her nipples. I got hard from all this. Pam moved her head and rested on my belly. I felt her tongue on the tip of my dick. I knew I was having some pre-cum and Pam decided she wanted to taste it.Then she asked me to put the finger I have in her pussy into her mouth. She wanted to taste herself. In the 25 years we have been together, that was the first time she has ever asked to do that and it was hot!!!I brushed my still wet finger on her lips and her tongue caught my finger. She licked it and then put it in her mouth.“Do you like it?” I asked. She looked at me still with my finger in her mouth, nodded. Then she let my finger go and said “I have a better idea.”Pam stood up and had me lay on the couch and then she straddled me. My dick slid right in her very wet pussy. Then Pam started to play with her clit as she moved her hips. She did not take long to cum. When she stood up, from the reflection of the tv screen she saw a liquid dripping down my dick. She got so excited to see her own cum. Pam took me in her mouth, licking and sucking my dick like it was a popsicle on a hot summer day. Her slurps were very hot. My dick was wet with her juices, both pussy juice and saliva and she enjoyed tastings all of it.Pam wanted me to cum and I told her when I was getting ready to. She took my dick out of her mouth and watched me cum. She took the cum on her hand and spread it on my dick. She wanted to taste our cum together.The last thought I had before falling asleep that night… hopefully tomorrow things will be even better.Sunday came and Pam’s preparations started early. Conversing with Fabiana, she found out what she wanted to eat. First of all, anything but Italian food. Something homemade, stick to your rib’s meal. Pam decided to make meatloaf (I know it spoils the classiness of the story) and her famous mashed potatoes swimming in butter. For desert, homemade peach cobbler and ice cream.Food was not the only thing she prepared early for. As soon as she got the chance, she went to get her nails done, her eyebrows (and other things) waxed. She laid it out the dress she was going to wear and the hottest “fuck me” pumps she had.I forgot to mention that Fabiana is a tall woman. She stands about 5’10 and with her wearing heals, she can be pretty intimidating.At 7:45 everything was set. I set the table, put some drinks on ice basically doing the finishing touches as Pam went to get ready. From down the hall, I heard her coming. The unmistakable sound of heels on wood floor. I looked around to see her and almost fell on the floor. She was all made up and looking more gorgeous than when she did on our wedding day.Pam smiled and did a 360.“What do you think?” She asked. “You look delicious my dear.” In the most Sean Connery James Bond sounding way I can, trying to be cool.She came over and we kissed. I cupped her butt to confirm what I thought, she was not wearing any underwear. Pam smiled.“I think I’m ready”. At 8:05 the doorbell rang. This was Pam’s show. She walked slowly and, in my opinion, as loudly as she can towards the door to build up Fabiana’s anticipation.In that moment I asked myself if Fabiana knew what she was in for. For a minute there I got worried for Pam if Fabiana rejected her. But with the confidence she has strutting around… maybe Fabiana knew what to expect and her reaction when Pam opens the door will say a lot. Pam opened the door and Fabiana was just as well dressed and made up. Both Pam and her looked like they were going out for a night on the town instead of a meatloaf and mashed potato dinner. I was awestruck. They kissed each other on the cheek and complimented how each other looked.Fabiana handed Pam a bouquet of flowers and handed me a bottle of wine. Pam led Fabiana to the living room while I opened up the wine. I handed each of them a glass and we toasted to whatever the evening brings. The stage was set. It would be interesting to see who would start the seduction. As it turned out I did not have to wait long. Again, both ladies were complimentary to each other. Then there was an awkward silence and then Pam broke the silence by telling Fabiana the menu. Fabiana was genuinely excited about having homemade meatloaf and potatoes. She talked about eating restaurant food about 90% of the time. So, she gets genuinely excited when somebody offers to cook for her. I took that as my cue to get dinner ready and to give the ladies some time alone.Though I was in the kitchen I still heard their conversation clearly.I heard Pam tell Fabiana who beautiful she looked and Fabiana returned the compliment. Then each lady admired each other’s dress. Both very classy and very sexy.They made some more small talk.After about 10 minutes I had everything plated and called the ladies to dinner. I sat at the head of the table and the ladies sat across from each other.Oh, the dirty thoughts I had in my mind. At one point I was imagining the girls playing footsies under the table. What I hope would come had me so excited I probably took 3 bites of my dinner.The wine flowed quickly. Before I knew it, I was opening a 4th bottle. And it was all the girls doing the drinking. I was still on my first glass.Both ladies were laughing, smiling and having a good time. Pam was about to take a bite of potatoes when a little bit of it fell on her chest. She scooped it up with her finger, gave me a naughty look and offered her finger to Fabiana.Fabiana did not hesitate. She licked it off of Pam’s finger and made an exaggerated “mmmmm” sound. This was happening. A few more minutes and dinner was over. Fabiana excused herself to go wash up and Pam pulled me aside to the kitchen.“Honey, give me and her some privacy. She is not comfortable with the 3-way yet. But trust me you will be involved. Go outside and watch from the window and I will signal for you when we are ready for you.”I was a bit disappointed but I do trust that Pam knew what she was doing. In a way, there was a voyeuristic fantasy involved here of me watching and Pam being watched.A year ago for my 50th birthday, my brother (a urologist) gave a few sample packs of Viagra as a “gift”. Thankfully at my age I can still get it up without it but the few times I did take it, both Pam and I noticed that I was considerably harder and my erections lasted longer. I thought this was a great time to take one.Fabiana came into the kitchen and offered to help clean up. I declined but offered to pour her another glass of wine. She paused for a minute as if to think it over and then shrugged her shoulders and said why not. Then she said something that made me optimistic on what is going to happen tonight.She said “I may end up having to stay the night.”Pam came into the kitchen with her wine glass and asked if the bottle near Fabiana was empty. I said no and pour the remainder of the bottle in her glass. She clinked her glass with Fabiana and they took a drink. I saw Pam look at me and with her eyes motioned for me to leave. I excused myself, went to the bathroom to take my little blue friend and went into the study to listen in on the two ladies.There was a lot of laughing and giggling and I tried to make out what they were talking about. From what I heard, at first, they were talking about Pam’s dress and then somehow it led to bikini waxing.Fabiana asked if it hurt and Pam said yes, but the results are better than shaving. Then I heard Pam say “See. Look here.” I could imagine her lifting her dress to show Fabiana her pussy.“It looks good” said Fabiana.“Touch it, feel how smooth it is.” Pam said and I almost fell of my chair. “Are you sure? Oh, that is nice and smooth” I heard Fabiana say.“Where is your husband?” Fabiana asked.“He’s giving us some privacy.” Pam answered.I heard them walk towards the bedroom.I made my way outside to the window and when I looked in, the ladies were already making out. They were standing up on the edge of the bed with Fabiana’s hands on Pam’s face and her hands on Fabiana’s hips.Their kiss was more like a lover’s kiss than a lustful one.I saw Pam open her eyes and looked at me from the side. When she knew I was there, she closed her eyes to get back into the moment. I saw Fabiana’s hand come down to Pam’s shoulders and moved to the side of her breast. The kiss started to become more lustful. Fabiana cupped Pam’s breast and Pam let out a moan.Fabiana stopped the kiss and helped Pam take of her clothes. Pam was not wearing any underwear at all and she stood there in all her naked glory while Fabiana took it all in. She pulled Pam towards her and they started to kiss again. Fabiana fondled Pam’s breast and with her other hand fondled Pam’s bare ass. Her finger exploring the crevice of Pam’s ass. This went on for a few minutes. Then Fabiana started to kiss Pam’s neck making her way to Pam’s breast. She started on the left one as she fondled the right. Alternating maybe every 10 seconds. Pam was in ecstasy. She opened her eyes to look at me. Absolute lust in her eyes as she smiled. I can see Fabiana’s tongue dancing on my wife’s nipples. It took everything I had not to take my dick out and start masturbating.Fabiana stopped, walked back and started to take her clothes off. She was wearing a matching set of bra and panties. It was a lacy black bra with a lacy black thong. Then they went back to kissing and Pam started fondling Fabiana’s ass. As they kissed, Pam made her way to Fabiana’s ear and started nibbling on it. Then they stopped the kiss and with Pam still holding Fabiana, they looked out the window and saw me. It caught me by surprise. For a minute there, my heart stopped not knowing what’s going to happen. I met Fabiana’s eyes and she smiled. She whispered something to Pam and then they kissed.While they were kissing Pam, motioned with her finger for me to join them.By this time the Viagra has taken effect and I was hard as a rock. I knocked on the bedroom door and waited to be let in.“Come in” I heard Pam say.The ladies were in an embrace looking at the door as I came in.“Fabiana agreed to let you watch us for now. So why don’t you be a good boy and take off your and sit at the chair over there”. I did as I was told and took all my clothes off completely. As I did a thought popped in my head. I wonder if Fabiana has seen a dick before. So, after I took my underwear off I stood up with my shoulders squared as if presenting my very erect dick for inspection. I saw Fabiana’s eyes come down to look at it.“He’s got a wonderful dick, doesn’t he?” Said Pam. Fabiana agreed. As I walked by to take my seat Pam grabbed my dick and offered it to Fabiana.Fabiana touched it and held it gently on her hand.“Do you like it?” Pam asked.Fabiana nodded and said she did.“Maybe we can play with it later?” Fabiana said.I made my way to the chair and sat down and the ladies went back to making out. After a few minutes, Fabiana sat down on the bed and pulled Pam towards her. She started to suck on Pam’s nipples and my wife was very much enjoying it. Her hands stroked Fabiana’s hair and is some way even pushing Fabiana’s head closer to her breast.Fabiana moved her hand to between Pam’s leg and inserted a finger in Pam’s pussy. I could have sworn Pam’s knees almost buckled. Sensing this Fabiana put Pam on the bed. Pam propped herself up on her elbows and spread her legs. Fabiana met her lips and started to kiss her as inserted her finger inside Pam’s pussy again.Pam reached over behind Fabiana and unclasped her bra. Fabiana’s breast dropped and they were magnificent. Hers were a little bit smaller than my wife’s and being that she is almost 20 years younger, a bit more “perky”. Pam reached for the right one and put it in her mouth. Fabiana became more vigorous in playing with Pam’s pussy.After 25 years of being married I could tell by my wife’s moans that she is getting ready to cum. She sucked on Fabiana’s right breast while she fondled the other. A few minutes later I saw her leg twitch and I knew she was coming. She grabbed Fabiana’s arm to stop her from moving and then took her hand and put Fabiana’s finger in her mouth. Fabiana got off the bed and took off her panties. Though she was not completely shaved her pubic hair was nicely trimmed. Pam laid her on the bed and climbed on top of her. They started to kiss. Pam put her hand on Fabiana’s pussy. She was more like caressing it gently, rubbing her middle finger between Fabiana’s labia. I guess she did not think Fabiana was as wet as she needed to be because she took her finger, put it in her mouth to get it wet and then she put it back inside Fabiana.Fabiana moaned as my wife fingered her pussy. Pam in turn fed her right nipple to Fabiana and again I could hear both women moaning. Fabiana then told Pam that she wanted to feel Pam’s tongue on her pussy. Pam smiled and then looked at me. I smiled back and nodded.She made her way down between Fabiana’s legs. Pam started to kiss her inner thighs slowly making her way down to Fabiana’s pussy. Fabiana let out a moan when Pam touched her pussy and she closed her eyes to feel the pleasure. Pam must have been doing a great job since Fabiana grabbed the sheets, her hair, the headboard. She opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled. I have been stroking my dick the whole time I was watching, slowing down or stopping at times when I felt like I was close to cumming.Fabiana asked if I was enjoying what I was seeing and I said yes. She smiled as she looked at my dick and then closed her eyes once again. Pam reached up and started playing with her breast and nipples and pretty soon Fabiana’s breathing and moaning became more intense and not long after she started to cum.Pam laid beside her as they kissed and cuddled.Pam looked at me and asked me to join them in bed then looked at Fabiana and asked her if that was okay. Fabiana nodded her head. I laid on the other side of Pam and she met me with a kiss. Fabiana not wanting to feel left out started to kiss Pam on the neck and chest. Pam stopped kissing me and guided my head towards Fabiana. Fabiana looked up and met my kiss. We kissed for about 10 seconds when I felt Pam’s tongue on my left nipple and a hand on my dick. I was glad to see that it was Fabiana’s hand. She caressed my dick not really knowing what to do. I had a feeling Pam put her hand on my dick.I put my hand on top of Fabiana’s and started to stroke my dick. I felt her grip tighten just a little as we continued to kiss.Pam pushed my shoulder towards the bed for me to lay flat on my back. She instructed Fabiana to lay on my other side. As she was moving, Pam took me in her mouth. Fabiana joined her near my dick.Pam made eye contact with Fabiana as she sucked my dick. And then she took me out of her mouth and offered me to Fabiana.I prayed to every God and Saint that I know of that this was not a dream.Fabiana looked unsure what to do. She opened her mouth and Pam guided my dick in. I felt her teeth on my shaft and I calmly said, use your lips which she did. She took about three inches of my dick as Pam licked up and down the rest. As Fabiana got more comfortable, she started taking me deeper into her mouth. Pretty soon was taking most of me in and was actually doing a great job at it. I pulled Pam up to me and kissed her. She asked if I was enjoying myself and I said yes. She smiled and told me she was too. I rubbed Fabiana’s back to get her attention and with my dick still in her mouth she looked up at me. I told her that I was getting ready to cum and asked if she wanted it in her mouth. She said not yet and Pam took over and stroked my dick until I came on my stomach. Pam bent down and started to lick the come off and she asked Fabiana to join her.All three of us cuddled for about 45 minutes with Pam in the middle, occasionally making out with either myself or Fabiana.Pam asked Fabiana if she has ever been with a man. Fabiana reminded her that she hasn’t.Then Pam asked if she has ever seen an adult dick before. Fabiana blushed and I told her she did not have to answer it. Pam apologized.I asked Fabiana if she was open to the idea of us having sex. She nodded but she wanted to watch me and Pam have sex first.“No problem” said Pam as she reached for my face and kissed me as she stroked my dick and found that I was still hard. She gave me a knowing smile. She took me in her mouth to get me wet and when she was satisfied, she got on top of me and guided my dick into her pussy. Fabiana laid beside us and watched. Pam called her over. They started to kiss as Pam started to play with her pussy.Fabiana was genuinely curious about penis in vagina sex and asked Pam if she could watch some more. Pam nodded and said she would switch to a reverse cowgirl position so Fabiana could see better. I gave Pam all I had to give Fabiana a good show. Pam asked her if she was ready to have me.Fabiana said yes and asked me to be very gentle. I told her I will be.Pam guided Fabiana to the middle of the bed. I asked Fabiana if she wanted me to wear a condom and she said yes. I got up and got the condoms and lube that Pam bought for our possible use tonight. Pam and Fabiana were kissing when I got back. Fabiana was laying on her back and Pam had her cradled in her arms. I put the condom on and put some lube on my hand and rubbed it on.I positioned myself between Fabiana’s leg and asked her if she was ready. This was the first time in my life that I would be taking a woman’s virginity. Fabiana said she was. I entered her very slowly and when I was all the way in, I asked her if she was okay. She said she was. Pam held her. I started to fuck her gently, paying attention to her facial expressions. After a minute or so she seemed to be enjoying it so I increased my intensity. She pulled Pam towards her and they started to kiss.Fabiana was tighter than what I expected and it was altogether a different sensation. I wished I was not wearing a condom but from the way things are going tonight I knew this was not my only chance to fuck her. Pam reached down and played with her clit as I fucked her and Fabiana’s moans got louder and louder.I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum she said. I fucked her harder to keep pace so we can come together. Feeling her pussy tighten even more around my dick was exactly what I needed it finish.“Oh my God, I can feel your dick throbbing inside me”. She said. We collapsed right next to each other and fell asleep cuddling.Monday morning. I woke up at about 8 and both ladies were still asleep. I got up and started to make some coffee. Fabiana walked in completely naked into the kitchen and asked if she can have some coffee too. I took in her naked body from the morning light. She was beautiful. I asked how she felt and she said she felt great. I asked her if she got some rest and she said she did. I poured her a cup of coffee and asked her how she wanted it.As I handed her the cup she said thank you and held my hand. I looked at her and she said thank you for last night and then she smiled. She put the coffee cup on the counter and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and a hug.That happened two months ago. Fabiana has been staying with us most nights now. Though she has not officially moved in, the guest bathroom is full of her stuff.Pam and I make love with her together and have been enjoying it equally. We have gotten to love her as if she was a part of our union.Pam also started working part time at the restaurant as a hostess to give Fabiana a break. Dominicka knows about us and Fabiana and so far, she’s been okay with it.Our life seems light years away from where we were a year ago. Back then we have pretty much accepted that we were getting old and maybe the exciting part of our lives are behind us. I thank God for my wife’s boldness to go after one of her dreams and made our lives exciting again.As for Fabiana, she has used her “days off’ to do whatever she wants. Though she is a part of us, we do encourage her to date and find someone to find a future with. Right now, she said she is happy with what we have and is really more into getting to enjoy the things she wants for herself rather than sharing it with someone. Since I see her naked and make love to her almost every weekend for now…. I am good with her not rushing into anything!!!

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