Hey posters! Pls read (iOS troubleshooting, imgur vs. nudity, PMs about facebook and kik, and other scams)!

no image card - Hey posters! Pls read (iOS troubleshooting, imgur vs. nudity, PMs about facebook and kik, and other scams)!
Hey posters! Pls read (iOS troubleshooting, imgur vs. nudity, PMs about facebook and kik, and other scams)!

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Note: Mods are volunteers (not employees of reddit) and can't help with harassment or scams that happen via PMs. Please click 'report' and 'block' on any harassing PMs. Reddit admins (employees) can also be reached at contact@reddit.com.

iOS user that is 'not allowed to post here' ? It's a reddit bug, not a ban


Some users report that using https://imgur.com or https://vidble.com for image hosting solves the issue.


Imgur allows nudity. Imgur does not allow nudity in their gallery: http://imgur.com/gallery

When you upload there don't click any "share" or "publish" buttons/links. Just get the URL for the picture/album and post that on /r/gonewild. The link should look like imgur.com/a/… , not imgur.com/gallery/…

Don't add people on KIK/snapchat/skype/etc

He threatened to expose me to family/friends if I didn't provide custom content. I really don't think he had enough info to do that, but I thought I should report bc he's likely trying to scare/exploit others this way.

He attempted to extort me for $200 dollars to not share the photos.

is threatening to dox me with face photos and things that I've posted… He is doing this over kik, in as so far as I don't comply with his wills.


He only wishes to coerce me into sending him exclusive pornography. His username is /u/ShadowBeanerz on here I believe. I also know that he made another Reddit account to message me with anonymously, but I'm unsure of the name.



AUGUST 2018 UPDATE – might be back on /u/Iampandaaa (same approach).

March 2018: they are now using the name /u/chingchang97 on reddit.

Jan 2018 – multiple poster complaints about harassment from /u/An1meBooty98 and their alt accounts. Do not add them on KIK.

DECEMBER 2017 UPDATE: beware of /u/harleyqu1nn99 – we have received multiple reports of them adding posters on kik/snapchat and then finding their facebook.

AUGUST 2017 UPDATE: beware of /u/forseriouslytho, /u/butforrealtho, and other foot fetishist. OCT UPDATE: also /u/butforealtho

He has made another attempt to lure me back to Kik but I recognized him because of his distinctive way of writing, he had a sort of Irish/British/Australian type of accent … will request shots like a closeup of one feet, very closeup of the toes and the back of the toes with flash, so he can see the callous and prints etc. … I'm reporting him because I don't want other posters to fall into the trap like I did and receive harassment.

MAY 2018 UPDATE: re: /u/xxdaddy92 (possibly same guy). Once on kik…

he offerred me up to $120k in exchange for a year of sending him sexual content. He said I will only get compensation after the end of the deal, I only need to show my face. He sent me videos showing the milions on his account and the mkney he sent to his previoua girls. I declined, of course it's a scam. But what creeped me out is when he sent me 4 videos of other girls "testifying" for him, saying like "thank you so much for all the money for the past 12 months" just to convince me he's legit. How he got all those girls to do that, I have no idea. I was also almost convinced until I asked a friend who is also a redditor. He told me he has a friend who had also been scammed by the same fucking guy. Same deal and all that, just more abusive.


There is a troll jumping accounts that offers money for custom content, never sends payment and then claims they are underage and starts threatening lawsuits.

Hi. I'm a poster on Gonewild and I was approached by a user going by the name /u/topoholic. He offered me money for custom content, and I accepted. It turned out he was scamming me. Here are pictures of our conversation: http://i.imgur.com/l8pZ1By.png I don't know how legitimate his threats are, but please ban this asshole from the gonewild subs (and reddit as a whole) so he doesnt prey on another

Also, please note our sidebar text:

If you use reddit to sell …, and wish to post to Gonewild, please do so under a separate account. We wish to remain separated from all money-making endeavors, so that Gonewild remains a purely exhibitionists subreddit where people post for absolutely no other reason than the thrill of it.


If someone sends you a link like http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?=743264506 please just click 'report' or 'block' on the message.

If you get a different link, try logging out of facebook before clicking on it to test it. If any doubts remain, please send the exact link you received to us mods to investigate it.


If you get a message like https://vidble.com/show/QgGfcttwn9 and/or they pester you for snapchat/skype/email please screenshot and forward to the mods and report to the admins.

From another poster:

He also tells girls "Be careful if you're posting from your Mac…" to just blindly make girls nervous. He then talks girls into Skyping with him and will refuse to help in Reddit messages. Only Skype. Then, when he gives his advice, he expects the girls to reward him with sexual favors. He then harasses them if they do not.

If you feel that a hosting site used by posters is revealing geotag information please contact the mods with details. The main hosting sites allowed here have been confirmed to strip geotag information from uploaded pictures.


There is a guy that periodically claims to photoshop posts for many GW posters. Sometimes he does this via posts in other subreddits, some times he mass spams a private message to posters and non-posters alike https://vidble.com/show/criBvxuU52 . Many of his examples are pictures he photoshopped without permission.

If you want to make minor tweaks (color balancing, adding a watermark of your reddit account name, blocking out tattoos, etc) to your own photos, that is OK. More excessive modifications leads to user reports and spam filtering/banning (depending on circumstances).

Also – be highly suspicious of any PMs suggesting that you email them – your email may be traceable to your real identity or may reveal other details. We recommend clicking 'report' and 'block' on them.